About Us

Welcome to Toneflix Code

Toneflix Code is the department that is directly responsible for the production, deployment and maintenance of all software and related processes of Toneflix Software and Music Distribution.

We are are a team of young ambitious individuals from various backgrounds and specialization coming together to find solutions to the world's problems beginning from our immediate community.

Toneflix music a SAAS provider and music production and distribution company with a dream of providing complex solutions through the execution of simple procedures.

Our focus is strongly pushed through the streets and the hood, we want to ensure that every member of our community is evenly reached with technologically.

Software Development

We provide software development, maintenance and consultation services for government individuals and enterprise following most current trends in technological advancement.

We have a standby team of dedicated professionals available to work on recommendations for any platform including but not limited to iOS, MAC, Windows, Android and Web.

Our code base are clean, well commented and comprehensively maintainable even in events where you chose to switch developers.


We seek collaborate and partner with individuals, government and corporate entities to carry out activities aimed at achieving their set goals and individual or organizational objectives within a technical scope.

We are available for a teamup or solo engagement on freelance, open source or paid projects, our work ethics enable us fit in to your existing structures while optimally utilizing your resources available at our disposal to fulfill your project requirements in the shortest possible time frame.

Enterprise Web Product Management

We do web product validation, activation and management, this will help you protect your PHP, React.JS, Angular JS, ASP.net products and potentially any anything that requires a web browser to run from unauthorized use and theft. This is perfect for you if you have script codes distributed via online marketplaces, and would require that customers who purchase your scripts enter an activation code before they are able to use these products.

Advantages of using our IWPM

  1. Activation code is only valid for a single domain. 
  2. Client code Can be hosted on Github and served via CDN.
  3. Validation can also utilize client cookies when applicable to avoid server clogs and congestion.
  4. Validation is done outside the validating script, making it rather difficult to break or null.
  5. Client code can be re-implemented with calls only made to the validation API.
  6. Payments can be collected via credit cards with Stripe and Paystack.