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We are on a mission

It no longer matters how bad the effects of the pandemic may have affected your daily life and routine, we believe in a community where everyone who is willing to help lift another, has an equal opportunity at being lifted by another. This follows a simple process of buying and selling like you do everyday when you go offline, only the odds at success becomes greater for you.

Why You Should Choose Us

We stand out in every perceivable way and create options that work.
Quick & Easy

Gain quick access to every tool you need to buy and sell, Our simplified interface and high resolution icons makes finding the tools you need to buy and sell OV Gold a click away.

Absolute Security

OurVillage uses an SSL certificate trusted in 99.9% of all major browsers worldwide, with state of the art data encryption for all transactions between Villagers.

Secure Automated Matching

Matching is encrypted and done automatically on secure servers, eliminating the fear of human error, DDOS attacks and activities of fraudulent individuals.

24/7 Support

Quickly gain access to technical and customer service support, depending on the severity of queries, we are available to take calls and provide support all day.

High ROI

Get 50% profit on your first successful OV Gold order in 3 days, and subsequently get 50% profit in 7 days after complete refinement.

Active Market

Our market structure ensures that Buyers and Sellers are always available, so you won't have to worry about delays in being assigned to a buyer or seller.

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Our Mission

To create the world's first ever self sustained, fully automated, social media integrated online village, where members rise by lifting other members, with quick, secure and safe peer-to-peer village market structure where everyone grows financially.

Our Vision

To create an online village where people work, buy and sell to make a life, not just a living.

Discover A brand new way to meetup and make profit in OurVillage. NO EXPERIENCE needed, NO TRAINING required, everything has been made Simple and very Easy.

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